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eHarmony Review

When you get your first glimpse at eHarmony, you are bound to think that you have chanced upon a no-nonsense dating service website. And eHarmony is what it claims to be, one of the best dating websites.

They have scientific methods of online dating, and claim to have accurate results. One of the striking features of eHarmony is the ‘eHarmony Personality Profile’. This profile is based on member personality and not just one aspect, but 29 different aspects.

What makes eHarmony unique is its patented ‘Compatibility Matching System’. This system filters the thousands of profiles and gives you groups of those profiles that match yours.

These matches could be made on a variety of criteria, like values, humor, religion and sensitivity. Do not forget that this is where the 29 facets of your personality come into the picture. This is what really helps you to get your perfect match.

New For You on eHarmony

The latest thing on eHarmony is its ‘eHarmony advice’ section. This is where singles can talk about good dates, bad dates and really bad dates. Another new release on the website is its eHarmony Couple marriage profile learning. It gives you tips on improving your sex life. It also helps couples to learn to give each other space and how to end arguments. Another aspect of this couple feature on eHarmony is that it helps you spend more time with your spouse. You also get personalized reports on eHarmony, based on questionnaires filled in by the couples. This gives them a review of their married life and the reasons for the relationship being so strong.

What's great about eHarmony?

The best feature of eHarmony is the personality profile matching. The personalities are matched on 29 dimensions of a person’s personality and this is what makes dating on eHarmony successful. Most matches on eHarmony become life-long commitments and end up in marriage. EHarmony is very serious about helping their customers date successfully.

For them it is all about serious dating, and that is one of the reasons why each member’s profile is thoroughly screened and tested, so that there is no possibility of serial daters in the profiles. What eHarmony strives is to do adhere to a commitment of helping you find a partner and this is only possible if you are completely committed to serious dating. And even though the monthly subscription is high, it is well worth the cost.

What's Not So Great About eHarmony?

Though eHarmony looks like it is one of the best dating sites in the world of online dating, there is a downside to everything. And eHarmony is no exception to the rule. What makes people think twice about signing up with eHarmony is its lengthy sign-up procedure. As discussed, there are 29 facets of the personality on which eHarmony finds matches to and this becomes a problem while filling out the profile questionnaire.

There are 29 sections and that results in 436 questions that you need to answer. And in this busy world, giving hours to an online dating profile may just not be worth it. Another hitch with eHarmony is the steep membership fees. For a one-month subscription, you pay almost $60. This rate keeps dropping if your membership term increases. If you were to take a 3-month membership, it would cost almost $111, which works out to $36 a month. However, if you were to take a one-year subscription, your membership would be only $21 per month.

Another thing that cannot be missed mentioning about is the member support. As a member of eHarmony, you will get expert advice, newsletters and articles at your fingertips, all of which are designed to help you on your dating quest.

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